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Personal Training / Gym Instructor


How it works

We have 6 mandatory face to face classes for the Practitioner in Personal Training (3 days for Certificate in Personal Training and 3 days for Gym Instructor).  These dates are on a rolling basis, meaning you choose when to attend.  We have dates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Fridays and Saturdays each month from 10 am-5 pm.


Each date is designed to prepare you for one of the module assessments.


In addition, the tutors will support you with additional live webinar sessions and guide you with home study so the course is paced at your own level.  You can also repeat the mandatory sessions or webinars and have the option to attend further live support classes too.


Both the Personal Training courses and the Gym Instructor course covers:

  • Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology

  • Programming

  • Instructing techniques

  • Health & Safety

  • Customer Service

  • Principles of Exercise

The Personal Training course also has additional units in:

  • Training Systems

  • Nutrition

  • Business

Although we allow 6 months to complete your course, the average completion time is around 3-4 months.  Some students may finish quicker however since you are in control of when you study and when you take your exams i.e. you can take an exam after each module or take all exams at the end of the course!

For exams, you will need to complete 2-3 multiple choice exams (depending on your course), 1 x practical assessment plus complete a portfolio of work. 


Since the workshops are on a rolling basis, you can start any week, start the home study and then join the next available workshop.  Workshops run most Fridays and Saturdays every month.  Also, if you live in Dubai for example, you can still join the Abu Dhabi sessions and vice versa if you want to complete the course faster. 

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