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Nshama Town Square, Dubai (meetings by appointment only)


+971 504 670 458



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Please note that if you would like to speak with us regarding courses, we prefer to do so via a pre-arranged Zoom.This is because our team are supporting our current students and delivering classes and trainings every day in UAE as well as internationally so the hours we are in the office are irregular.Additionally, if you are wanting to meet us at one of our training locations, the facilities often require a copy of your ID to be submitted beforehand for security purposes to allow you onsite.All payments/registrations can be completed electronically so there is no need to actually meet physically before enrolling, although if you wish to, please note that all meetings are strictly by appointment only.Also, please be advised that before paying for your course, we will screen participants to ensure they enrol on the most appropriate course and hold any necessary pre-requisite qualification or guide you properly on how to upskill to your chosen course so you do not complete any additional unnecessary units of you hold other certifications.Please note that the team will ask some introductory questions such as if it is your first fitness course if you have other certifications and where/when you did these so that they can best serve you to offer the best available prices and course completion options.

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