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Leading Fitness Education Provider in UAE

IQ Lifestyle was founded in 2016 in UAE by Irfan Omar and Gemma Quinnell to provide Lifestyle and Music services to the UAE.

The Fitness Education branch of the company was established first, offering UK based certifications approved by REPS UAE.

IQ Lifestyle strives to provide highly respected Fitness Training certification courses that allow graduates to gain UCAS points for British universities or work within the fitness industry around the world.


Our courses attract newcomers to fitness who want to develop their fitness knowledge; experienced trainers from across the globe who require our highly respected certification for job opportunities and to build their network as well as retired professional athletes (Olympians, National Team Players and Premier League Team members).

Our graduates have gone on to work in a variety of roles as a result of their training - including boutique and commercial gyms, hotels and health clubs, cruise ships, private trainer for VIP clients, military and police training, Fitness Show Presenter, Fitness Tutors and Assessors, Fitness Managers and events organisers.  Many graduates have also opened their own fitness businesses full-time.

Our brand has expanded, with current partnerships in UK, Malta, India and Pakistan

Become a Personal Trainer in Dubai
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