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Why Choose Us?

Flexible schedules


We understand that every student has a different level of experience and knowledge when they join us.  Each person has their individual circumstances and you have your own personal reasons for wanting to join a course.

With IQ Lifestyle you can enrol at any time and start learning straight away!  You choose the most suitable dates from your course calendar to join us for our live workshops, exams and student support calls.  You can attend the workshops in any order and even re-attend if you want some extra practice before any exams or for a refresh.

You do not need to wait for the next intake day or worry about missing an exam because you have another important appointment since our live dates are on a rolling schedule.

With IQ Lifestyle, you can study around your current commitments and it is totally up to you when you decide you are ready to focus on the next part of your course.



Study from anywhere in the world


Our courses are designed so that you can complete your study from anywhere in the world.  If you are outside the UAE, we have different options in place for exams depending on your course and location.  Just let us know where you live and we will guide you.

Individual tutor support


IQ Lifestyle has a team of full-time tutors and assessors who are passionate about fitness.  Every tutor has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry and they are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.  We limit the number of students in each live workshop so that tutors can give more individual attention and students can interact more.  By keeping class sizes low, students also benefit from fast turnaround times for exam results and additional support calls during their study.

Job preparation

All our students are given membership to our facility in Dubai, which is a real gym open to the public.  We offer our students the opportunity to gain work experience by shadowing our team to learn how the operational side of fitness works and we provide a facility for trainers to train their own clients.  The experience is invaluable for CVs when applying for fitness positions and provides a platform for our students to get their name out and show the world what they can do!

Personal connections


At IQ Lifestyle we are well-connected within the fitness community.  We learn about each of our students and introduce them to other key influencers.  We also have one big support group for all our students and graduates past and present.  If you are looking for a new fitness opportunity or some advice, there will be someone there to steer you in the right direction.



World recognised certificate that are valid for life


All our courses are recognised by REPS UAE.

(They are also recognised by CIMSPA in UK, E-REPS and IC REPS too if you are studying outside of UAE).

The courses are valid for life.  You do not need to re-test every few years!

Develop your language skills

All our courses are delivered in English. If like most of our students, English is not your first language, this is an opportunity for you to improve your language skills as well as your fitness knowledge.  After your course, you will certainly not lack the confidence to communicate in English!

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