Terms and conditions

1. Scheduled workshop days, assessments and staff may be changed at any point until the completion of the course by the training provider due to low enrolment numbers, venue availability or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens you will be given an alternative method to complete study.

2. 100% attendance on all face to face and practical assessment days is required to complete the course.

3. Additional guidance and support must be carried out during the designated times. This includes webinars, live chats, WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp voice mails, email support, face to face meetings and scheduled calls.

4. If the learner is unable to attend one or more of the workshop days, arrives late, or has to leave early; the learner will need to attend the next workshop date to make up for the missed lectures. Alternatively private tuition can be arranged for an additional fee.

5. For CPD courses, you will not be able to attend workshops until all course fees are paid. All fees are required at least 7 days prior to the first workshop.

6. For entry-level courses, you will not be able to attend the workshops unless payment is up to date. If payment is incomplete, work cannot be submitted for marking and assessments cannot be booked until the entire payment plan is completed.

7. For payment plans, monthly instalments begin the month immediately after the deposit date. Payments must be made every month for the agreed amount. We do not permit payment breaks so if you pay more than the required amount, this will be reduced from the final payment amount, reducing the overall time for the payment plan. Any learner paying the full balance within 30 days of the deposit will receive a discounted rate.

8. You will have 12 months for entry-level courses and 6 months for CPD courses from the date of your first workshop to complete the course. Your first workshop must be within 3 months of your deposit payment.

9. If you have not completed the course within the designated time or do not complete the payment plan before the final payment due date, you will be automatically withdrawn from the course. You will be required to re-enrol onto the next course, and will not be refunded for any payments made.

10. If a payment is missed you will need to pay the fees for the missed payment the following month in addition to the next month’s payment. Your account will be suspended and you will not be permitted to take any further workshops until the outstanding fees are paid.

11. If you withdraw from the course or do not complete the course, you are still liable to pay all costs.

12. If you miss 3 monthly payments on a payment plan (or do not complete full fee payment before the first workshop for CPD courses), you will be automatically withdrawn from the course and will need to re-enroll to re-join the course. You will not be refunded for any monies paid.

13. There is a no refund policy. Once you have confirmed your place on the course, you will be expected to attend. Deposits cannot be refunded. Once learning resources are released you are deemed to have started the course and will need to complete all payments.

14. Cancellation of any assessment, including marking of work less than 7 days before the scheduled time will be marked as a reference. You will need to pay again for an alternative assessment.

15. If you schedule an “emergency assessment” (where you request an assessment outside of the designated dates or times or book an exam less than 7 days before the exam date), a fee will be charged.

16. An additional fee will be charged if the learner portfolio is returned more than 3 times for marking.

17. Recognised Prior Learning must be mapped to the Regulated Qualification framework of England and Wales and will be at the discretion of the Awarding Body.

18. For most courses, electronic manuals only will be provided. If the learner would like to request a printed manual, these are available for an additional fee.

19. The Training Provider reserves the right to refuse any learner enrolment if pre-requisites and pre-checks are not completed appropriately by the learner.

20. Fees paid cover learner registration and set up on the course plus the first assessments and Guided Learning. Learners will also be given access to either online materials or hard copy materials depending on the course and the Awarding Body. Guided learning could consist of face to face training, assessments, webinars, directed home study, reading, task completion, directed class participation or a mixture. Guided learning can be replaced by any method at any point during the course to meet the Guided Learning Hour Requirements.

21. The course will be delivered in English and all assessments must be taken in English. Translation arrangements will be carried out by invigilators for theory exams. Any learning difficulties should be disclosed to the Training Provider before enrolling on the course.

22. Assessment decisions can take up to 28 days before they are released and certificates can take an additional 28 days. You should expect to wait up to 2 months to receive your certificate after successful completion. This is standard with all accredited qualifications. Certificates will be emailed directly to the learner and the hard copy will need to be collected within 12 weeks of certificate release by appointment. Alternatively, if you would like a certificate posted, there will be a fee for this.

23. Certificates will only be released at the end of each course. If you wish to claim certification for part-completion, an administration fee of will be charged.

24. Your registered name (for the certificate) will be confirmed to you on Day One of the course. It is your responsibility to check the spelling and make any changes within 7 days. A fee will be charged to change the name on your certificate after its release.

25. Fees are subject to change. A full updated fees list will be sent to you upon request and will be available on the online platform.

26. It is the learner’s responsibility to check the online platform for any updates and to contact the tutor to update their information.

27. All learners agree to have photos and videos uploaded to social media unless a written request is specifically given prior to the first day of the course via email to gemmaquinnell@iq-lifestyle.com

28. Any change to terms and conditions will be notified to the learner by email with at least 28 days notice.

Learner Agreement

● The learner agrees to undertake all elements of the course as directed by the tutor/assessor.

● The learner agrees to abide by any directions instructed by the tutor, assessor or quality assurer throughout the course.

● The learner agrees to wear appropriate clothing for the course and follow any instruction given to them by the tutor or assessor, relating to the course completion.

● The learner agrees to treat all members of staff, colleagues and the facilities with respect.

● The learner agrees to complete any homework tasks before the completion date.

● The learner agrees not to use mobile phones or other electronic devices in class unless instructed by the tutor.

● The learner agrees not to cause any distraction during the class and to arrive for class at the time specified by the tutor/assessor.

● If a learner is late, it is agreed that they will inform the tutor in the first instant and they will need to make up any missed lecture time on the next lecture date. The learner acknowledges that the tutor is not able to catch up the learner with topics from sessions missed at any other period.

● It is the learner’s responsibility to keep copies of all work submitted and assessment decisions (with the exception of theory papers). In the case of loss of work, the learner will need to re-produce and re-submit any missing evidence.

● The learner agrees to submit all work in a coherent and presentable manner, either in pen or by word processor. Submissions in pencils or submissions which are incomplete or presented in an untidy manner will not be marked.

● The learner agrees to meet the required deadlines by the tutor.

● The learner acknowledges that results can take up to 7 days to be released for theory exams and 28 days for all other work to be released due to the quality assurance process and a further 28 days for certification.

● The learner acknowledges that no certification will be given unless the full amount of work is completed to the satisfaction of the Awarding Body or the learner withdraws from the course in writing and requests certification of the completed units.

● The learner acknowledges that they have 6 months from the date of enrolment (the date resources are released) to complete the course. After 6 months the learner will need to re-register by paying the full amount for the new course and re-complete any work.

● The learner acknowledges that IQ Lifestyle can request additional work from a learner at any point up until certification in order to demonstrate competency.

● The learner agrees that IQ Lifestyle can store personal data, including email addresses and ID numbers for up to 2 years after completion of the course.

● The learner understands that a level of English, equivalent to Level 2 is required and that basic computer skills will be required since all courses include elements of online support and study.

● The learner acknowledges that they must provide their own client where necessary to complete the course and bring them for their assessment e.g. Exercise Referral or Personal Trainer. For group instructing sessions e.g. Exercise to Music or Children’s Fitness, a group of between 5 and 12 participants are needed for the assessment. It is the learner or group of learner’s responsibility to provide the participants and the learner acknowledges they are not able to be assessed unless the minimum requirement is met. In such an instance, the learner will be awarded a Refer and will need to pay the necessary fees to re-take the assessment.

● The learner acknowledges that the assessor is not able to assist or advise during a summative assessment. This includes controlling ventilation; locating equipment and providing PARQs. This is the learner’s responsibility to check the environment and prepare adaptations beforehand. The learner acknowledges that if the assessor is asked to step in at any point during an assessment the overall outcome will be a Refer.

● The learner understands that it is their responsibility to bring a copy of their plan to their assessment. The learner will need to provide the assessor with the original copy of the plan and all the marking criteria. The learner will not be able to refer to the assessor’s copies during the assessment.

● The learner acknowledges that if they turn up to the assessment late, incorrectly dressed, without the correct number of ‘bodies, without the marking criteria or plans; the learner will not be able to be assessed and will incur a re-sit fee. Equally if the learner requests to leave early or does not attend the feedback, the result will be a refer.

● The learner acknowledges that there may be more than one tutor or assessor on their course and the assessor might be independent to the tutor. ● The learner agrees to pay all fees requested by the training provider on time.

● The learner acknowledges that if they are awarded accredited prior learning, a copy of their certificate must be included with portfolio submissions. It is the learner’s responsibility and not that of the training provider to ensure the certificate is included, even if the learner has previously studied with the same tutor.

● The learner agrees to check the spelling of their name prior to certification and understands that a fee of will be charged for replacement certificates due to an error by the learner.

● The learner agrees to read any updates and keep the Training Provider updated with any change of contact details.

● The learner acknowledges that the initial fees cover your first assessment attempts only.

● The learner acknowledges they have 3 attempts to complete any portfolio fully and obtain a passing grade, after which time a fee will be charged for further completions.

● The learner acknowledges that contact with tutors must be completed within the designated time.

● The learner agrees not to copy work of another student or from any other source. Any suspected copying or plagiarism will result in both students re-completing all elements of the work.

● The learner agrees not to allow any other learner to view their final copy of their portfolio submission either during or after the course, without permission from the Training Provider.

● The learner agrees to pay any re-assessment fee before re-attempting any further assessment.

● The learner acknowledges that they must pass all assessments by the way that is structured in the course.

● If a learner wishes to provide a gift of appreciation to any staff member or student, it is done so without any expectation to receive a passing mark in lieu of taking an assessment. Learners will be marked exclusively by their performance in each assessment.

● The learner acknowledges that breach of any of these conditions can result in instant withdrawal from the course without refund.

● The learner understands that any payment plan offered is at the discretion of the Training Provider. Missed or late payments can affect the ability for the learner to enrol on future courses under a payment plan.