Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course levels?


A: The levels refer to the "Regulated Qualification Framework" of England and Wales (which is where our courses are accredited).  They refer to how 'challenging' a course is.  To work as a Fitness Trainer, the minimum level is level 2... but each country has it's own 'system' of levels - so don't worry too much about those!

Which course should I choose?


A: To start your career in Fitness, you should decide whether you are mostly interested in teaching one or two clients in a session or you prefer to teach to groups.  From there you will have more of an idea as to which pathway to start with.  It is important that you choose the right fit for you so that you have an enjoyable experience and the most opportunities available to you.  We would recommend that you book a complimentary video call with us if you are not sure.  Once we know more about your personality and desires, we can guide you with the expectations and answer any questions you have.

Do I need to take a Level 2 course before Level 3?


A: Not necessarily!  On our courses page, we explain whether you need any pre-requisite (previous experience or qualification) to enrol.  Some trainers believe they need to complete the Gym Instructor course before the Personal Training course and this is not necessarily true. In fact, taking both courses will likely end up costing you more money, time and extra work since you may need to repeat overlapping parts in each course.

In UAE, for example, there are very few job opportunities for a Gym Instructors - so it is not necessarily true that you can use the Gym Instructor course as a base to gain experience before moving to Personal Trainer.  In the UAE, we would recommend that you start directly with the Personal Training course as there will be far more opportunities for you.  The Gym Instructor course would be better for you, however, if you intend to work as a facilitator in a gym where you will be overseeing the day to day running of a gym but are not directly involved in writing or delivering specific programmes to clients.  It is also a good option for trainers working in resorts or hotel facilities where customers will only stay for a short period of time rather than purchasing a long-term membership.

What is REPS UAE

A: REPS UAE is the Register of Exercise Professionals.  It is a register of all trainers who have passed recognised courses and therefore meet specific standards.  If a trainer is not registered there is no guarantee that they the relevant knowledge involved.  They may never have taken a course or may have taken a course at all or have taken one but have never been 'assessed' as being competent.  Most importantly they may not even be insured to carry out training sessions.

In UAE you will need to register with REPS UAE to work as a trainer since it is a requirement for jobs.

To join you need to have a course certificate from an approved training centre such as us plus a valid First Aid & CPR course certificate.

REPS UAE award 2 types of membership:

Provisional - meaning you have taken a course but not met all the international standards.  You have 12 months to take an up-skill test (where you complete the missing parts) or take a fully-approved course (such as ours).  If you do not upgrade to full status within the 12 months, your membership with REPS UAE will lapse and this can affect your job position too.

Full -meaning you have passed an approved course and met the international standards required.

All of our courses are approved by REPS UAE.

To remain on the register, after 2 years you will need to take some short courses to ensure your knowledge remains current.


I am already a trainer with Provisional REPS UAE status


A: You can either Pass an up-skill test with us to gain Full status or complete one of our courses which will qualify you for Full status automatically.

Can I get a job after I complete your course?

A: Yes!  We partner with a number of recruiters and fitness facilities.  When a vacancy becomes available from one of our partners, we send our suitable trainers for an interview with personal recommendations, giving them the highest chance of success in securing the position.  We have had a lot of success.  Many students have received job offers in UAE ready for when they complete their course.  Our certificates will also be accepted when applying for a freelancer position in UAE.  Since our courses are recognised worldwide too, we also encourage students to apply to other positions as well. 

Are all REPS UAE courses the same?


A: All approved courses have specific elements that must be included.  For example, there is a minimum number of live attendance dates that trainers must attend and assessments must be live not recorded or completed online.  The topics covered will also be similar for each course.  However, the course delivery itself will vary.  If you think about any education, for example, school or university, some have a lot of high-achievers, create an enjoyable experience and open many new opportunities for students.  Other students in different schools may have a completely different experience.  At IQ Lifestyle we aim to certify trainers who can sustain a career in fitness for as long as they want.  It is a very inclusive atmosphere.  Our tutors come from different parts of the world (UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Egypt).  Their knowledge and experience of different cultures and connections within the fitness industry in their home countries is a valuable asset for any of our students.  At IQ Lifestyle, the system we have implemented  to deliver our content and is also unique to any other fitness training provider in the UAE.

Our certificates also award credit so if you choose to study Personal Training for example and later want to add Group Exercise to your portfolio of skills, you do not need to complete all the parts of the new course because we already would have covered them in your original course with us.  By choosing a course with IQ Lifestyle you will condense your overall investment time and costs.


When you invest your time into successfully completing a course with IQ Lifestyle, you can be sure that you will be well-equipped with all the necessary skills for a fitness career.